If you’re around Factory Two very much it is likely you’ve seen Ed Shields. He volunteers here every week as a shop supervisor. Ed’s usually in the wood shop putting the finishing touches on a repair project or testing a new piece of equipment, and he’s down at Factory Two most Saturdays offering members advice and a helping hand with woodworking projects. He has made several improvements to the shop, including building a band saw fence/miter mounting system; fixing the drawers and getting the bits ready for the new router table; building a new sandpaper organizer; and making two Bridgeport mill table protectors. Recently he’s been working on improving and expanding the dust collection system throughout the shop.

Ed’s contributions to the makerspace’s success go far beyond the wood shop. He’s a retired Chevy in the Hole electrician and he’s made numerous electrical upgrades and repairs throughout building. He also made a beautiful frame for a painting Pauly Everett did of J. Dallas Dort, which is now on display in the lab and he repaired and improved the bench for our player piano restoration project. Ed is a valued member of the Factory Two team and his work really helps keep the gears turning here. We are lucky to have his experience and expertise dedicated to improving the makerspace. Congratulations Ed on being named the Factory Two Volunteer of the Year!

If you would like to join Ed helping out at Factory Two, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Craig Farrington at [email protected]

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